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We provide software solutions for generating sales from big ticket items, passive income, SEO and traffic. The Services section focuses on done-for-you sales funnels that can be set up quickly and easily as businesses-in-a-box. These DFY sales funnels are the easiest and fastest ways to make money...check out each one and choose one to get started with today!

Commission Automation is a DFY business in a box

Want to get steady passive commissions, WITHOUT the hassle? The secret automation fomula that can change everything for you...

Main Benefit: ​The quickest route to start earning BIG affiliate commissions on autopilot.

Commission Automation is a done-for-you "business in a box" system designed to take your leads and put them into a deep high converting backend super funnel. Members are instantly approved to promote and receive 100% commissions across eight core products (including all upsells and downsells). All funnels are interconnected. THIS IS MY FAVORITE DFY SALES FUNNEL PROGRAM! IT'S SUPER EASY, YOU ONLY NEED TO BUY SOME LEADS FROM IGOR!

This is a very impressive process called Commission Automation that you can learn about for free on their webinar.

This is a super smart way of creating passive reliable affiliate commissions and I highly recommend you check it out. (IGNORE THE RED BUTTON BELOW)

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The Amazing 5K Formula Sales Funnel

100% NEW DFY Online Business System

The Amazing 5K Formula Sales Funnel

One of the most powerful tools online for earning millions of dollars is a well crafted sales funnel. But the problem with this is if you are not a computer programmer, you will likely never be able to set up one successfully and make money with it. That's where we come in... We help you build your own sales funnel via video training, in a step by step, click by click fashion.

Customers and students are absolutely loving this system. Rest assured, you can put 100% confidence in this offer.


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The Commission Machine

Discover a slick commission-creating process.

It works for newbies.

It works for more advanced guys.

And it works even if you don't have a list. (Yes really).

This is special.

You get the complete 7-Module video training program in a easy to copy and deploy, step-by-step format.

Just copy and paste the campaigns, use the free advertising method or buy some solo ads from Igor, and start making those commissions today! Pop Pop!


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The 12-Week Super Affiliate System

FREE TRAINING: "How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online"

Step-by-Step Online Marketing Training

This is a full system training for creating the digital lifestyle you desire. It consists of a 12 week course where you will learn EVERYTHING about affiliate marketing...and it focuses on getting recurring automated commissions as well as hi ticket commissions.

This is a semi-DFY, as it gives you all the Clickbank, Bing, Facebook, Google & Youtube training, as well as ad copy & all the images. It shows you how to sign up as an affiliate for major affiliate networks, starting with this program. It also teaches you how to set up your Landing Page and your Wordpress website. It literally leaves nothing out! If you are looking for a comprehensive affiliate marketing training, TO REALLY LEARN, and not just copy/paste a DFY sales funnel, then this is for you.

Register now to watch a free webinar where you'll be given some free training to get you interested.


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Newbie Sales Machine

The Newbie Sales Machine - 100% Done For You Video Membership Plus Backend Sales Funnel Integration (Pro Reseller) plus file hosting and updates.

Start your own 100% automated membership site, sell access for $19.95 and $37 plus tag your customers with referral links on our entire sales funnel of high ticket back-end products for hands-free commissions!

The Newbie Sales Machine is your all-in-one list building, sales and back-end marketing machine. It solves EVERY PROBLEM a marketer needs to overcome in order to build and maintain an online business.

Now you can skip months of grueling hard work, save $1000s of professional fees and jump straight into the action where it matters most...promoting your OWN PRODUCT with your OWN NAME and your OWN PAYMENT BUTTON making sales!

100% Done For You Membership that's completely Newbie Proof, meaning you get started within 5 minutes from NOW! Not in 6 months or a year from now!

If you need help setting it up, we'll do it for you for an extra small fee...well worth it, saves your time and if you're a complete techno newbie, saves your stress.

The Newbie Sales Machine is a Purposely-Built, evergreen Membership Site with FREE upgrades for Life to give you UNLIMITED profit potential!

Insane sales system lets you profit like never before!


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Covert Commissions

Instantly Use This 100% Done For You System To Build A Hands-Free, Profitable List & Start Earning Autopilot Commissions Today! Join for FREE!

Warning: This Is An Extremely Time Limited Special Offer!

* SIMPLE TO USE - Ready In Under 3 Minutes

* FULLY CLOUD HOSTED - Nothing to install or update

* DONE FOR YOU - Never write, make or build ANYTHING!

* FOOLPROOF SYSTEM - Paint-by-numbers simplicity

* GET STARTED FOR FREE - Choose your first one now!

Watch The Video & Discover How You Can Start For FREE Today!


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